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NRF is known for manufacturing high quality cooling solutions. We are growing rapidly and we are even developing beyond cooling. Today we serve customers in more than 80 countries worldwide. To strengthen our brand and to be ready for the future, we must remain innovative. With the recent launch of our modernized logo, we have already started. And… we’ve developed even more.

We proudly present the new NRF!
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Empowering Performance

NRF is successful for nearly 100 years, because we always invested in good staff. We empower our people to reach further and to make customers stand out. With passion and craftsmanship we create a complete range of reliable products in cooling and beyond.

An engine cannot function without proper cooling, nor can a company function without proper staff. In both cases, this leads to improved performance. One cannot function without the other. In fact, they reinforce each other.

We proudly present the new NRF - Empowering Performance